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Simona Rich
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Guidance is always necessary so that to take the right path in life, but now — more than ever. Most people, even those professing to be yogis, are rushing to get a shot because of fear. This means they are not real yogis, because yoga means the union with God.

Either you trust the man and the world, or God. If you trust God, you would not be afraid of this supposedly deadly virus. …

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In old days, astrology didn’t acknowledge any free will. I think now astrology is as fatalistic as it always was, but there seems to be some degree of freedom for those who are spiritually awake.

For example, for the unaware ones, astrological symbols manifest very physically. Someone can hurt them, they can fall down, and so forth. For those who are spiritually aware, often these negative symbols manifest as the confusion of the mind, unpleasant people, or a sudden emotion of anger.

I always try to grasp the awareness level of a client to interpret accordingly. …

Protect Yourself by Knowing What to Look For.

I’ve been in a relationship with a psychopath for around four years. Though I’ve gained more than I lost in the process, I wouldn’t want to get into a similar situation again.

I especially value one lesson I learned as a result of this relationship — finding out that such people indeed exist.

In this story, I share with you how to spot a psychopath based on my personal experience and research done about this disorder.

But firstly, in case you’re not familiar with the character features of psychopaths, here they are briefly described from Psychiatric Times:

Psychopathy is characterized…

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Some people have never heard of A Course In Miracles. Some even studied it, yet still don’t understand what its aim is.

I’ve decided to explain it the way that I understand it.

I’ve studied ACIM several times in the past, yet I never seriously nor fully did its lessons. Now I again went over the whole text, workbook for teachers, and supplementary material.

Only the lessons are left, and I’m at the moment on lesson 46.

In total, there are 365 lessons.

What ACIM is about

It’s the course designed to get you back into the Kingdom of God. And no, it’s not…

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In this story, I’m going to share with you the good and bad aspects of living in India for twelve years.

I didn’t live there all the time as I had to keep getting a new visa to be able to stay in the country. Yet, though I traveled in many other places during the last twelve years as well, it was India that was my base.

So let’s start this long post by firstly discussing the spiritual aspect of this country.

Spirituality in India

Lessons learned and some advice for those just starting.

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My journey started at around the age of 21 when I came across inspirational books on a positive mindset and wealth generation. At that time I was living in the UK as a call center worker (I’m originally from Lithuania).

Books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Four-Hour Work Week” changed my understanding of money and transformed my mindset from that of an employee to that of an entrepreneur.

If you’re still doing what mommy and daddy said for you to do (go to school, get a job, and save money), you’re losing.


Allow yourself to enjoy the talents of others — it will inspire you to better your own skills.

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In the past, I used to be totally focused on my work. Hardly ever did I allow myself to get entertained.

Whenever I would relax into some leisure, be it watching a video or attending a gathering of friends, there was always this uneasiness in the background of my mind nagging me not to waste my time.

I was happy with my productivity and I accomplished a lot in the twelve years of self-employment. I wasn’t even stressed since I really loved what I did. …

This Mistake Prevents You From Achieving the Next Level of Success

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I cannot tell how many times I’ve seen this mistake made by all kinds of people. No matter which country I find myself in, no matter which culture I’m exploring, the mistake is there.

In some countries it’s worse than in others, but the entire world suffers from it.

It’s about thinking that you know better.

If you knew better you would be experiencing the next level of success. If you don’t, it means you don’t know how to get there yet.

I see this mistake especially in the…

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I remember how my coaching client gave me a call to thank for making him wealthy.

It wasn’t me that made him wealthy as those were not my rules I shared with him. Those were the principles I learnt from wealth-building classics such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Richest Man in Babylon” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

I simply shared the wisdom of those books with my clients and readers, and those who applied them, saw results.

In this article I will share one rule of such wealth books,which goes against the common sense of the physical world. …

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Today’s society is full of guilt so those with self-confidence are often seen as egotistic. There are of course egotistic people in the world, and many of them, yet self-confidence is different from egotism.

Self-confidence allows you to be in your own league, when you don’t look at what others are doing but do your own thing. This makes you able to create something very different from the rest, and therefore you get a premium for it.

Those who are at ease with themselves don’t try to mould their natures according to the latest trends and opinions of the world…

Simona Rich

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